Friday, February 27, 2009

Interact with computers more naturally

I am a big big fan of tablet. I have a tablet Lenovo X60. I could scroll it and fold it like a book, I could write smoothly on "Windows Journal" using the tablet pen, I could directly make notes on PPT, and I could do lots of other things. I took notes with it in class. I could write things very fast, add or delete anything very fast, and even totally rearrange the notes in a second. And my classmates love my notes. One of my favorite professor also likes to use tablet to annotate directly on his PPT, and my tablet is happy to serve him on one class when his notebook was not working right. I could draw or write on articles I read, just as what I did on a piece of paper!

I love the feeling of using a pen instead of using the mouse to draw a line, because that feels more natural!! And that's what computers should be! And I could not stop loving tablet ever since I got my first one. I got a small Nokia N810 tablet last year so that I have a tablet with me everywhere; My passion about tablet persuaded one of my office mate to buy one tablet for his mother as a gift, and invoke other office mates to start thinking about tablets; and even my brother owns a X61 tablet now~~
Yes, easier user interface! I wish one day people could use just fingers and voices to command the computer. Already, many people are beginning to use fingers to scroll on iPhone, and use the voice search on Google G1 phone. But more exciting things are awaiting!!

Are you excited also? No? Then see these videos:


  1. I agree with you. I love small, portable devices. I think it will be a trend that portable devices will become smaller and smaller, but more versatile.
    There are many techniques in machine learning that can be easily applied to portable devices to enhance it. For example, I think there is much room for integrating computer vision with GPS coordinates to create something we've never seen before!

  2. Yes, I agree. GPS is developing so fast, and has so many great applications coming out.