Monday, February 23, 2009

How technology improves our life (fun little stories)

Last Friday evening, several friends gathered together. I shared with them my surprise about finding the most popular applications for iPhone being so "simple, and sometimes naive". Yeah, how could we imagine that the most popular applications may simply be a fake picture of fire, or a fishing tank? All the people there are graduate students or MD, and we all laughed at those applications and thought that we would never need to use them.

It happened that, later that night, we had a surprise birthday party for two of our friends. Surprisingly, when the birthday cake was taken into the room, the candle is not lighted. The candles were wet, so could not be lighted!! "Oh, I wish my iPhone could show lightening candle~~"one of the friend with an iPhone shouted. All the room laughed. And at that moment, we suddenly understand why those applications are popular.

Guess how we solve the birthday candle problem at last? We turned off the light, opened a cell phone so it started blinking besides the cake. After the birthday wishes, we closed the cell phone, to simulate the blowing off of the candle light!! Clever, right? Yeah, that's how technology could improve our life :)

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