Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Book shelf (CS)

&&&&Machine learning and information retrieval related&&&&
Pattern recognition and machine learning
Christopher Bishop

Machine learning for multimedia Content Analysis
Yihong Gong et al

Foundations of statistical Natural Language Processing
Christopher D. Manning et al

Mining the Web
Soumen Chakrabarti

Modern Information Retrieval
Ricardo Baeza-Yates et al.

Machine Learning
Tom M. Mitchell

Learning in Graphical Model(to have)
Michael I. Jordan

Modeling the Internet and the Web
Pierre Baldi et al

Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes
Athanasios Papoulis

Structured Probabilistic Models: Principles and Techniques
Daphne Koller et al

Artificial Intelligence : A modern Approach
Stuart J. Russell et al.

Managing Gigabytes: compressing and indexing documents and images
Ian H. Witten et al.

Pattern Classification
Richard O. Duda et al.

&&&&Algorithms, systems, and other fundamental computer science&&&&
Introduction to algorithms
Thomas H. Cormen

Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings
Gonzalo Navarro et al.

Algorithm Design and analysis(in Chinese)
Xiaodong Wang

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
W. Richard Stevens

Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles
William Stallings

C++ Primer Plus
Stephen Prata

Effective C++
Scott Meyers

Java Data structures and algorithms
Robert Lafore

Effective Java
Joshua Bloch

TCP/IP Illustrated
W. Richard Stevens

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